Best theme song or BESTEST theme song?

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Have a RAR of every (good) version of Lilium I've come across or put together. Includes:

- TV Size Version
- Full Version (The ACTUAL full version that plays in episode 13, very rare)
- Extended DarkJedi Version (Similar to above, with a different ending)
- Saint Version
- Karaoke Version (Grabbed from NicoNico)
- Piano Arrangement (Very pretty, also from NicoNico)
- Music Box Version (Sequenced by me)
- Mariko and Kurama Version (Plays during their scene in episode 13, partially sequenced by me)
- Instrumental Version (Put together from DVD menu music by me, kind of short; different from karaoke version)
- Moka Version (Also rare)

Enjoy, fags.