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The door closed behind Lelouch with a polite click. And with that, C.C.'s eyes were fixed upon the pizza.

It was her favorite--onion and extra cheese, sped from the burning hearts of Pizza Hut's ovens to her coffee table. She leaned closer to the pie, inhaling its sumptuous scent. Oh, yes. It was almost too much--too much to destroy that delicious fragrance, too much to consume the flawless circle of delectability before her.

And aesthetically, it was pleasing. C.C. couldn't help but notice the impeccably browned crust, the cheese glistening with oil, the gentle curves of onion slices. Her heart stirred as she lifted a particularly large slice out of the box and watched the cheese stretch greasy strings out to its neighbors. Oh. She cradled it in her hand and spun the yellow ropes onto her index finger before popping them in her mouth.

"Mmmm," she sighed. It was simply too much--she had to have more. With a tentative touch, she prodded the pointed end of the slice with her tounge. The aroma, combined with the taste, overwhelmed her; her senses kicked into overdrive from all the stimulation. Absently, her fingers crept down, down her belly and snuck beneath the waistband of her shorts... (cont.)