The livnig nightmare II

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After waiting for a few moments, your bedroom door becomes unjammed. You walk out to your living room to find all windows covered with boards with weak sunbeams lightly passing through.

The TV shows only static and the radio randomly changes stations.

Scanning the room you find bloody footprints on the floor that suddenly stop on the nextdoor room. The door is locked but you notice a fine thread tied to the doorknob and goes all the way to the kitchen, which is completely covered in dust and molds.

The thread seems to be tied to something inside a metal cup, which you can´t lift for it seems to be nailed to the kitchen table. The cup is filled with a foul-smelling liquid.

You wipe off the dust around the cup and read:

The fool that wear the dying sun´s hue.
Release the beast inside.
"Believe it "

What do you do?