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I really do love anime openings /a/. Seriously, for that glorious one minute and thirty seconds before every episode you can forget whether the show sucks or not and just enjoy it, the great animation, the music in time with the movements. That character that just smirked at you as he flashed by? It doesn't matter if he's got a shitty personality, he's gone now as the rest of the cast flashes past. Is the show you're watching getting depressing? Have you seen Code Geass R2 lately? (durr hurr) The entire cast has some kind of shit going on and the opening's still plastered with smiles and hugs, it's refreshing. Remember when people though Shana 2 might still have a chance? When the 'Blaze' opening was released it pointed at great things and made viewers optimistic again (of course it was all for nought but my point still stands).

ITT: Awesome openings to less awesome shows.

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