protagonist rating chart (romance)

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you know when it comes to the main (hetero male) characters interaction with women there is about 5 categories

Level 1-Homo: "I'm not letting these bitches get into my pants no matter how hard they try" (pisses me off)

Level 2-Innocent: "What's this 'sex' you speck of?" (they have the sexual knowledge of a four year old)

Level 3-Normal: "all the girls after me, the non-loli ones having big breast, What's not to love" (finally someone makes sense)

Level 4-Hentai: "I WANT BOOBIZES!!!!11" (but still doesn't step up when the ladies put out)

Level 5-Smooth: "they want me" (the only ones that are NOT A VIRGIN!)

okay /a/ time to rate
(pic obviously level 1)