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A couple months back, I told you guys that I was going to Thailand to enjoy some cheap mango, both kinds, and some of you brought up the idea of me translating some shit that aren't already being scanslated on the tubes and probably won't be, ever.

Now 2 weeks left in Thailand, I'm considering doing this, as I just got rejected at a part time translation job. Now keep in mind that the translations might not be 100% accurate, as it'll be a translation of a translation. Also, if I scan the thai books, except shit quality printing.

So if there's any old, ignored by the community, shit (And I mean at least 2 years old) that you people are interested in, give me a name and I'll see if I can give you a dirty scanlation if it's available in Thai and is interesting enough to keep me interested. It's also preferable that it's short.

If you feel this is a bad idea, feel free to sage while posting some porn.