the decline of fansub groups

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Like the topic says. Yeah so we finally reached this point. You want proof? See birdy for example. Great show, would be oversubbed some time ago. And now? Only one group subbing it, 3 eps behind and they are basically only some random anime club and no subbers. Another example: World Destruction. Subbed only by 2 groups which have ratings like 5.5 and 6.2 ... at aniDB, where EVERYTHING has at least a 7.X rating. Yeah they are that bad. Zero no Tsukaima? SS-Eclipse stopped. Any show that is available as shitty youtube stream like Druaga or Xam'd? No "groups" are touching this, only individuals and the quality ranges from "meh" to "OMFG DivX3.11 ;-) was better than this shit".
Not to mention that 40% of all shows do not get subbed at all and another 40% only by 1 group.