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Early Naruto Spoilers:

Sasuke: "I managed to cast off all my mortal wounds..."
Sasuke's eyes morph to the Sharingan
8-tails: "Whoa, hold on one second now! Why the **** are you alive? I'm not gettin' this at all!"
Sasuke: "What you see before you is an unfinished dimension"
8-tails: "Yo, hear me out when I'm talkin' to you!"
Sasuke: "And-"
8-tails: !?
Sasuke: "You will face off against a never-ending army of blades."

So, after Eyehax, Chidori, Orochimaru skillstealing hax, Itachi skillpresent hax and Plot Armor Hax, Sasuke now gets Unlimited Blade Works to fight the Black Zoro Clone. How hard does this make you rage, /a/?