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Unfortuantely /a/ I enjoy alot of Mainstream Anime/Manga. It makes me mad that my likes and prefrences gets sucked in by horrible fanbases and unforgivable dubs. Get me hooked into something non-mainstream or something where the fanbase hasn't whored the show out.

I enjoy:
Trigun, Death Note, FLCL, Samurai Champloo, Bubblegum Crisis (also 2040) Chrono Crusade, Love Hina, Elfen Leid, NG Evangelion, and some Macross. If it makes you feel better I perfer Jap Dubs, when the VA is god awful.
I fucking hate Inuyasha and Naruto with a passion.

What can I watch that I can feel like, "Hey theres not too many 40 fat ass lard women dressed up in my fave. woman character from this show today."

Sorry if I ruined your night /a/