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Yeah, so Saito actually tries to bang Louise after the dance. I didn't know that. If the author didn't write like a fucking 12 year old this would be a great book.

>Saito was so touched that tears nearly came out of his eyes. From now onwards the petite and cute girl will finally be mine, he thought to himself. He has been waiting for this moment for a week, ever since the ball.

Rubbing his hands together, Saito approached the sleeping Louise and said,“Itadakimasu… ” saying that, he snuggled under Louise’s blanket.

“Ah, Louise, Louise your skin is really so smooth and supple. Haha… Saito you idiot…”

Saito did not know why he called himself an idiot, but nonetheless he was becoming more and more aroused.

He hugged Louise without thinking twice and kissed her cheek. Louise did not look like she would wake up anytime soon; she was quite a sound sleeper.

“Louise, my dear Louise, your face; you have the cutest face in the world...” Following that, just as Saito was about to lift up Louise’s nightgown, she suddenly awoke. Saito was initially shocked, but he recovered quickly and hugged Louise tightly.

“What... What are you doing?!”