*looks at the Eva stuff on J-List*

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Seeing all the merchandise whoring that Gainax does with Evangelion really, really, really disturbs me. Especially since 95% of it is Rei in sexual contexts, i.e. a soap dish that looks like her laying down and schlicking, a bottle of lube that's shaped like her naked and asleep, various chibi figures of her and Asuka in bondage gear, a fucking dining set with /34/ of her on it, keychains of that bit where Shinji finds her naked and accidentally tackles her, etc etc etc

Oh, and LCL orange juice. I couldn't make this up if I fucking tried.

Also, hair clips like what Rei and Asuka wear, which might actually be kinda hot on a good cosplayer.

I mean, I'm the absolute biggest Eva whore there is, but there's no way in HELL I'm touching the vast majority of that.

Pic somewhat related.