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Damn, man, I am just sick to death of anime! The writing, which was scarcely ever impressive to begin with, is getting more and more pretarded all the fuckin' time because the stupid Japanese FAGS who make the shat are reading real books less and less AND because all the fucking American John-chan/Alice-san/Hubert-sama SHADOW DORKS (that's my retarded term; I've been using it for years and flat-out refuse to use "weeaboo" because IT is TOO ULTRA.retarded++, even for referring to ULTRA.tards++), who are quickly becoming Jap cartoon-makers' biggest milk cow, don't read anything EITHER and wouldn't know a good story if it self-rocket-felched its way up their inexplicably "elitist" asses. These dribbling, dead-eyed, fad-hungry fucktards buy and watch every plastic rainbow turd-nugget that ploops out of Japan's high-pitched, rape-happy, dolphin-killing nether-star (naw, I ain't sayin' we don't suck; we suck big schlick too! Theirs is the devious stealth-suck of the mystical, mealy-mouthed, blossom-and-brown-could-blown Orient, while ours is the "YOU THANK YER BETTER'N ME, FYAGGET?" suck of the loud-mouthed, flush-faced, fat-assed Occident), giving the bloated Japtoon industry the incentive to make more and shittier anime than ever before. And the stuff's looking worse and worse too! Ever MORE angular, ever LESS detailed, ever FLATTER coloring . . . Hey, bad writing and shitty visuals are what you get when you combine economies of scale with an international consumer-pool of manic-depressive, ultra-receptive, Hungry Ghost fuckfaces.