Code Geass R4

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suzaku laughed and kissed x.x on the mouth. this was what they had been waiting for. they looked at clovis and rivalz and they took out their guns. suzaku was now a vampire and slowly kissed x.x on the lips and sucked her in with his massive power

rivalz shot suzaku first and it fended off but then suzaku punched him in the face and bit his hand off. he then ate his head and blew it out

clovis was next and got slaughtered by the amazingess that was suzaku. suzaku laughed and then spinkicked clovis in the face and it was over. x.x laughed and kissed her husband suzaku and the vampire of god land laughed a mighy laugh. his geass went off and he teleported with his power.


"AHHHH!' said rivalz waking up next to milly and saying, "...Suzkau...he alive...milly, get the fucks up, and call my friend clovis...

there's a bitch we gotta kill."