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What's really good witcha, you already know, it's ya boy Ramiro (Right in pic).

Had a few things I wanted to say before I hit the gym this afternoon. First of all, I just got out of the shower with my bitch Sandy. She's 90 pounds, 5'3 and the has the body and face of a goddess. You know how I pulled her? By being the alpha male. Something you nerds don't know shit about. All you know about is anime and pokemon, while I'm out there in the club popping bottles and cheating on my bitch every night with the finest dimes in Jersey.

Did I fuck my bitch in the shower just a minute ago? Yea, it was clutch, and that bitch would never cheat on a greek god looking specimen like myself, I give it to her so good. Don't believe me? Ask your girlfriend. Know what I'm saying? Face, pussy.

I am the most attractive man any of you will ever have the privilege of being amongst. I bench 240 pounds now and do 2,500 sit-ups a day. My abs are hard as a rock and my dick is the size of a cucumber. When I walk down the street I can smell your girlfriend's pussy getting wet. She wants to fuck with a real boss, not a chump change coward like yourself. Just playin, you ain't even got a girl. All you got is Warcraft. You play that shit, imma be playing with my girls tits in the club.

On the grind.

- Ramiro the champ