Code Geass Spoilers

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The Korean Animator who got stories from the storyboards has seemed to return with more stories from his tiny mind:

☆ Lelouch will walk further down the path of the Demon King. He will go on a rampage when he learns of Nunally's death and attack Charles directly

☆ Anya meets Orange-kun and in some crazy way (yes, this is exactly like the joking Geass thing with Euphie) he erases the Geass Charles put on her, and she remembers back and sees the truth.

Anya was actually really Nunally, and the Nunally who Lelouch came to love and know was a spy from Charles. She joins Lelouch afterward, but does not give him the info, yet.

☆ Gino gets infatuated with Kallen, and he falls in love with her. He joins Lelouch's side because he sees some pureness in her. He turns against Suzaku after the Freya incident.

☆ Kallen joins back with Lelouch and watches him as he crumbles under his weight of revenge and anger. At first, she wants to use Gino just like Lelouch used people, but she also becomes locked in his determination and heart

☆ C.C's memories continue to stay gone. She thinks the band-aid that was given to her was a marriage ring.

☆ Lelouch doesn't bury Rolo. He recovers his body and then burns it. He laughs and this is what causes his total monster streak to begin.

☆ Nunally actually doesn't die. She goes to Charles, like the spy she is, and stays close to him. This sets up for the two episode finale.