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I see a lot of threads on /a/ abour incest and sisters and to be brutally honest it's not that hard to turn your sister into your sex slave, but you have to "train" her before she hits puberty. If you don't, she might fall in love with other boys.

-Be incredibly nice to her, buy her things that she knows are worth alot
-Lot's of physical contact-although not necessarily sexual, this will allow her to grow more accustomed to your touch
-If she makes any points about liking or disliking something, be sure to make it obvious that you agree with her

I didn't exactly plan this out but this is the kind of thing I did early on. I just really had a passion for my little sister but after a certain circumstance we've been fucking each other practically every day. Even though it feels so good, I've been considering killing myself since she actually loves me while I just use her for pleasure, especially since I'll be going off to college soon. She's practically dependent on me for everything, and its more than love; its an obsession. She has my name written all over her notebooks and papers and from what I can tell she has absolutely no friends. You can try this, but in the end you'll regret it.