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I know this is failchan and all, and I'm only passing through but I figured this needs to be actually come here for anime/manga advice/requests is utterly pointless. The cancer seem to be everywhere, infecting all other boards and degrading them to the level of /b/. Grow up, this is an anime and manga board, NOT /b/! You need to stop trolling and answer questions/discuss without spouting overused memes and flaming over who has the grandest anime tastes. Maybe when failchan can differentiate between /b/ and /a/ and actually have intelligible discussion about anime I will return. But we both know that day will never come. -___-

Moreover, please don't respond to this thread with pointless unfounded attacks. If you do not agree with me at least articulate your response in a manner which shadows something like a critique rather than a unexplained opinion/attack.

tl;dr: Just leave this thread alone please. You are the problem; not the cure.