My New Naruto Headband Review

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Obviously if you're a real Naruto fan you need a leaf village head band :) Ive only bought this one so far but as far as I can tell, it can't get much better. You get exactly what you see in the picture and it looks almost exactly like what you see on those anime foreheads :P First of all, the insignia plate is real metal. It's actually impressive how heavy it feels in the hand. Second of all, it's fun to wear. The size is comfortable, plenty of growing room, yet not so big it looks ackward. Don't worry about it being to small either!

I guess the only con is just how wide the band actually is. This thing covers the whole forehead, atleast down to the eye-brows. This isn't for little ninjas.

All together, this can't get much better. The material is comfortable, the logo is shaped well, and it fits like a charm. If it was just a little smaller wide-wise I'd give it a 5. Can't go wrong with the leaf village.