Death Note: The Truth - Part 1

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The Death Note was made as a prank by a random student. Light, disillusioned by the crime in the world, desperately wanted to believe he could make a difference, plus the stress of being number one in everything rendered him unstable. When Light wrote the name of the man taking hostages in the nursery school, he was gunned down by police, but Light's instability and desire to fix the world made him believe that the man died of a heart attack because of the Death Note. As for the motorcycle gang member harassing the woman, Light pushed him in front of a truck, then ran off to avoid retribution. His subconcious, not wanting to come to terms with being a murderer, created a false memory of using the Note. The criminals that he wrote in the following week did not actually die, but he believed they did. He finally began to hallucinate Ryuk after a week of believing himself to be a murderer.

The investigation of the so-called Kira was imagined by Light, and was in fact his inner conscience protesting the killing of criminals and a manifestation of his guilt at having pushed the gang member in front of the truck. That side of him would be further manifested as L, who is essentially exactly the same as Light in terms of intelligence and skill, but is unwilling to conform to societal norms as a representation of the stress that came with being always perfect.