ITT: Anime/manga related comparisons that don't make sense

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Someone I know once said that this series and the book "Crime & Punishment" were the similar. Now I'll admit in spite of the crazed fan base I do enjoy Death Note I bought all 12 volumes + "How To Read" and I have no shame for doing so. That being said how the hell could it be compared to "Crime & Punishment"? Well I guess it can be compared but only in very minor instances.

I'll give the similarity that both basically have the antagonists as the "stars". And yeah their is a bit of a cat & mouse thing going on between Raskolnikov & Porfiry. But those minor similarities are pretty much where it ends.

For one Light Yagami kills.. well they never really gave an exact figure but I assume it had to be somewhere in the millions, right? Raskolnikov only kills two people with one of those people being someone he had not planned on killing.

Light Yagami's guilt is very brief & short lived and the more killing he does the more self righteous he becomes until it becomes less about making the world a better place and more about outwitting the people after him. It's a bit of the opposite in "Crime & Punishment" one could say Raskolnikov commits the murderers and he falls into a deep sense of guilt driving him to sickness & madness.. in the first half of the book he is pretty much full of himself and his ego within the second half of the book he becomes quite humble.

And that's not even getting into things like literary differences (Only the absolute worse type of fanboy would say the writing (particularly the dialogue) in Death Note is better than the writing in "Crime & Punishement")

Seriously, I enjoy both works but where the fuck does someone get off comparing Death Note to "Crime & Punishment"?