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Gurren Lagann is very similar to the original star wars series (New Hope - Empire Strikes Back - Return of the Jedi)
How so, you ask.

Simoun - Luke Skywalker
Kamina - Obi Wan Kenobi
Yoko - Leia
Kittan - Han Solo
Lord Genome - Darth Vader
Anti-spiral - Emperor Palpatine
Rossiu - Lando Calrissian

A New Hope (GL ep 01-15) - Luke/Simoun leave home after it is destroyed. Obi Wan/Kamina dies. Death Star/Big Ass Ganmen destroyed. Darth Vader/Genome are defeated.

Empire Strikes Back - Rebel base attacked/Kamina city attacked. Han solo captured/Simoun captured (slightly different) Romance between Kittan/Solo and Yoko/Leia. Rossiu/Lando are forced to betray party.

Return of the Jedi - Simoun/Luke returns to the fight. Genome/Vader provide asssistance in the final battle. Earth/RebelAlliance are put on the line. Simoun/Luke defeat Anti-spiral/Palpatine.

Eh, well anyway they are quite similar and both epic and win.