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Dear /a/,

We all know the /co/mmunists have a lot of circle jerking going on, but they do appear to be quite free from the usual amount of bullshit drama. They also do not suffer from the kind of blatant newfaggotry that we see on here and on /v/ all the livelong day. Fresh from /b/, they're always posting as anonymous and they're always completely retarded. Why don't they go to /co/?

One possibility is that they avoid /co/ because the content might seem more obscure at first glance. But that's not really true. The content is just not nearly as widely overhyped as a lot of anime, with the exception of Avatar. This helps protect the board from fanboyism I suppose.

The other possibility is that they're turned off by the circle-jerking tripfags.

I don't know for sure, but basically I'm starting to think trip faggotry might have to become a necessary evil to protect a good number of boards from the overflowing clusterfuck that is /b/.