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I hope you enjoy this story its been in my head since i saw Enjyu and gray are bringing sexy back on youtube dont whine about my punctation I dont care im using notepad my computers crap punctuation is the least of my problems hope you ejoy please review

I own squat

Why Enjyu's hair is really red


I will spank you if you misbehave...

"ENJYU!!" My father roared marching into the room whille im trying to hide in the corner.

"You were supposed to lose!! not beat the brat" He dragged me up by the scruff of my neck.

"We need the little rich whores money!! do you think money grows on trees huh??" he snarled at me while i tried hard not to tremble.

"I think ive been far to soft on you boy" He sounded dangerous which he was but that voice was rarely directed at me...

He set me down on the floor eyeing me steadily "strip boy..."

"Dad?" I questioned unsurely while the look in his eyes told me not to challenge him

"Now Enjyu..."

I slowly took my shirt off briefly shivering at the airs contact with my skin slowly unbuckling my belt before pulling it loose and gently dropping it to the floor, I unbuttoned my trousers and caught them by the belt loops sliding them down my hips and let them pool on the floor, and looked up at my father expectently.

"The rest" he growled gruffly his voice raspy and small barely noticible pants escape his lips.

And I pull off my boxers standing nude before him while he stands up removing his shirt and trousers before sitting again 'apparently Dad goes commando...'

He patted his knee expectantly and i walk over my blue bangs hiding my eyes, as i lay across his lap he runs a rough hand over my back and slowly over my ass sliding a finger between my cheeks making me gasp.