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/a/ im in deep shit and need your advice.
I usually pride myself on being a closet animu fan and was confident in my abilities to subdue my powerlevel in public, but that all changed today.
I brought my ipod (fanboy rage etc) in to college today. I did this because i had to take a train home as my car had broken down, i wanted something to listen to too pass the time.
Anyway, in class some girls jacked my ipod from me as a joke and started listening to it, i thought nothing of it, afterall i had nothing embarrasing on there, or so i thought. I was actually quite happy to have been noticed by the oppersite gender so i let them listen away.
I didnt realise it but i was actually listening to the NHK OST, which is pretty awsome i might add. The song i had on finished and the next track started, which is when to my horror, and their amusement, that familiar theme could be heard.
"Puru purin puru puru purin"
They turned it up as loud as possible and people from the seats around me could hear it. I became the laughing stock of the class that quickly. They returned it to me, clearly feeling embarrased for me, i quickly proceeded to then leave via the nearest exit.
I knew when i downloaded the fucking OST i should have deleted that track, but i was too lazy and left it there.
These people have no idea what anime is let alone why i would have such a track on there, so i think explaining it to them would be futile.

So /a/ i ask you, wtf do i do now? Is my life in that class over? Should i give up and quit? Or try and laugh it off and get on with my life?
I've never been so fucking embarrased in my life.
tl;dr im in deep shit.
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