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Gentlemen, I like traps.
Gentlemen, I like traps.
Gentlemen! I love traps!

I like Mako-chan, I like Jun. I love Poison. I love the anticipation, I love the mystery. I love androgyny. I love traps. In pants, in dresses, in swimsuits, in shoujo, in shonen, in seinen, in eroges. I truly love each and every trap that graces the screen.

I like watching traps blush, as someone strokes their penis. When they lift their skirts and there's a bulge there, my heart dances.

I like it when a girl turns out to be a trap. It always leaves a warm feeling in my heart, to watch them and know there's a dick.

I recall how much it moved me, watching straight men admit to fapping to traps. And it's painfully exciting to watch those that fapped and then realized that it was a trap.

And how wonderful it is to hear them cry out and deny it. And when they question their sexuality afterwards, wondering and wondering. How sad it is. I like it when a man's heterosexuality is obliterated by a delicious trap.

GENTLEMEN, what I want is a trap like no other.
GENTLEMEN, compatriots, members of this board, what do you desire?

Do you also want traps? Is a delicious trap what you want? Do you yearn for cute young traps, bedecked in schoolgirl uniforms, smiling for you as they remove their panties?

Very well then, we shall have traps!