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>Russian anime magazine editor Valery Korneev and the Canadian animation development company Molot Entertainment have previewed a layout sheet, a character design sheet, and a finished frame from First Squad, an animated video project set during World War II that is currently in production at Japan's Studio 4°C. First Squad will tell the story of five teenagers serving in a special Soviet military intelligence unit that is fighting against the invading Nazi army. Molot is based in Toronto with additional offices in Berlin, Moscow, and Tokyo, and it began developing First Squad in 2004. The official website is hosting a one-minute trailer for the project.

>In 2005, Studio 4°C's animator Daisuke Nakayama (The Animatrix's "Beyond" and "Second Renaissance," Mind Game, Tweeny Witches) directed a First Squad music video for a song by the Russian rap group Legalize. The video screened on Russian television and was shown at France's Animasia festival in 2006. Next month, the Russian anime magazine Aniguide will run an exclusive feature on the First Squad project's current status.

Who cares if slavs are involved. I'm watching this shit.