I just finished reading Uzumaki..

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I have a few questions.

1. When did they first address that they couldn't leave the town? I had assumed they couldn't fairly early, but Shuichi was still taking train to the other town in the first couple chapters, right? I know he wanted to run away with Kirie and that she wouldn't.. when was the point the town closed up?

2. This may have no answer, but was the story originally supposed to just be wacky happenings in a wacky town, and THEN it had an ending written? Going in stride with my first question, it just seems like any normal person would get the fuck out after the first couple deaths. I understand that some could be covered up/unbelievable, but after the Snail People where the teacher himself turned into one? RUN AWAY. I assume it's just normal horror logic, but it seemed like a collection of short stories that was forced to tie into itself.

3. The last page seems strange to me. Can anyone explain it better? I understand that everything is going to repeat, but whats that about time standing still and whatnot? Hell, explain the last chapter if you want.

4. I liked everything but the people making twisters subplot. That just seemed out of place to me compared to pregnant blood suckers getting babies with mushroom placenta shoved back into them. I understand that twisters are spirals, but it just seemed kinda silly when everything else was so scary. Perhaps it's because I live in Florida and have dealt with more hurricanes than I can remember.

Those are pretty much the only questions/comments I have buzzing around in my head.