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Since someone apparently requested it, here's that one rant I made awhile ago. And stop talking behind my back you losers. It's not funny but quite pathetic and cowardly.

Well, at first I was going to insult you for being the pathetic beings that you are, but all of the sudden it hit me. I mean, lets face it. Imaginary vagina is prolly the only thing only that these guys are ever going to touch anyways. Why take that joy from away them by making a sarcastic remark about how pitiful losers they are? Why indeed? We have the ultimate scum of the genepool right now hitting F5 in this thread. They all are definitely beyond all hope and help. Well gee, I guess it's fair to say that these halfwits never had any hope in the first place. They are fat. They are ugly. They most definitely are stupid incompetent individuals with borderline aspergers syndrome. They have no redeeming qualities at all. I mean, these are the people who get kicked out of a freakshow for being too freaky. Life has nothing to offer for them. This very thread is the sole evidence that euthanasia will be legalised in couple of years. And they truly had it coming. We are talking about the children of street trash that were too stupid to get an abortion back in the eighties. And oh boy, it does show. This is the ultimate genetic sewer. This thread is where genes come to die after aeons of degeneration. How could I not feel pity towards these shitstains? Actually, I think we need to invent a new word for this feeling that I'm trying to express. It's a combination of pity --of course--, extreme disgust, contempt and fear for getting infected by waste this human sewer is spewing all over the place.