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Hey /a/

A few nights ago I got up the courage and asked a girl that I liked (she knew, I have made multiple failed attempts before) over to watch some movies, she agreed and came over around a hour later (talking to her on MSN)

I thought to myself "What is going to get her in the sack" and I thought Howl's moving castle, I mean, every girl gets wet over Howl, but then I thought that would be to corny and obvious, so I chose Grave of the Fireflies, I had not seen it before but heard it was stupidly sad, my plan was to get her really sad then "Comfort" her which would eventually lead to hot sex.

So she came over and I put on grave of the fireflies, I knew what I was in for so hardened my self up emotionally so I didn't look like a little emo git, she watched with great interest and my plan was going 100% she was visibly upset by the film and I sat there on the couch with my heart twisting but not showing emotion... until the fucking home sweet home scene.

Near the end of the movie there is a montage to the song "Home Sweet Home" which is pretty much the most heart string pulling scene in a movie ever, I broke down like a little girl and "Gracefully" left the room bawwlin my eyes out, when I composed myself and came back the movie had finished and she was back to her normal self, but she noticed I ran out crying like a girl and belittled me for the rest of the night and went home.

I guess the moral of the story is, Grave of the Fireflies is not a good movie to get a girl in the mood to fuck.