Code Geass R4

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they call me a monster? guilford was easy to dress up as me when i used my new geass. the geass that i stole from lelouch so many years ago and put it in my own eye.

euphie cheated on me with one of my servants the pink haired one, and i wanted her dead. i set it up so luciano came and killed her and watched the mayhem become. those damn clovis and rivalz defeated him and the world was then safe.

it's been six years since then and im immortal now. i met a new geass person and her name was X.X. X.X loves me and we are married. she has gold hair and gold eyes. she has a good chest and loves me more then death.

she gave me another geass. besides lelouch, i also have the geass to transport to anywhere in the world in a second.

...and my friend clovis needs a visit.