Saimoe 2008

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tl;dr: the anonymous who did the 4chan stuff for Saimoe last year is back for Saimoe 2008 and is planning on doing more.

I know that Saimoe is well received by a minority here and hated by the rest, but I'm hoping to get through to the former before I get sage-bombed and banned. I'm 'Saimoe anonymous 3', the guy who did the posters last year, and given that I've had more notice this year I'm hoping to cover the other material (preliminaries and the chart, mostly) as well, as most of the English material sucked.

I'm hoping to run another completely anonymous campaign (because no one should give a shit what I think about characters or series), and so want to interact as little as possible other than to post the material and to respond to requests and whatnot. Unfortunately, there are a few things that need to be sorted out ahead of time, so consider this my one time 'above ground'.