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Next few Episode of Geass

Suzaku drops the bomb thinking it not to be that powerful (he was just told by Nina it was a Stronger bomb) , but powerful enough to wipe out a large segment of the Black Knights, which it does... and half of Tokyo.
Nunnally is killed
Millay is killed
A fuckton of Black Knights are killed
Suzaku goes crazy.
Rivalz lives.
Black Knights betray Lelouch.
Lelouch having lost everything, his organization, his friend (Suzaku), his sister and a place called home, becomes a demon and kills without any emotion, Kallen joins him on his quest and so does CC and Rollo, but at one point Lelouch is nearly captured by the Black Knights (who are now working for Britannia) and Rollo strains his heart freezing the entire britannia army and the remnants of the Black knights to allow Lelouch and co to escape, and dies.