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■第19話  繰り返す 惨劇(8/17)
拮抗する黒の騎士団とブリタニア軍。シュナイゼルは 戦局打破のた め、ニーナの開発したガニメデ

theres a battle between britannia army and ootbk.. schnizel uses nina`s invention.. Suzaku tries to stop the battle and heads for area 11 but round knight 1 stops him.. during the battle the fearsome event will happen..

■第20話  2つ の 裏切り(8/24)
ガニメデに搭載されていた核ミサイルによって、エリ ア11は崩壊 、両軍ともに大きな損失を受け

because of Nina`s nuke missile, area 11 is destroyed..shit... both parties(ootbk and britannia army) took great damage... while many japanese are running, Zero orders to continue fighting the britannia.. ougi and toudou was surprised of zeros`s cold order (what I mean is he didnn`t care for their safety something like that..)and they were dissapointed and.... (its cut so maybe they will betray or something...)


■第21話  翼を 失った 騎士(8/24) カレンに敗れ捕虜となっていたジノは、エリア11の
Gino who was captured due to his lost against karen was surprised to see waht happened in area 11.. suzaku was defeated by round knight 1 and was saved by the chineese guy.. (forgot his name... the long hair guy..).. well like what I said.. Zero was left by ougi and toudou and many other crew.. now he went somewhere to get some strength (army or something..

■第23話  黄昏 の 戦場(9/6)

schnizel leaves the destroyed area 11 and attacks china... wow love this part... the union will fight schnizel and the fighting members includes karen, gino(wow), anya, orange kun, the chinese guy, and suzaku(whoah!!)... the final battle of lulu and schnizel, the union and britannia starts.