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Most of you guys don't know Moonspeak... so there hasn't really been a thread on this.

Schneizel is blackmailing Suzaku. His motives seem to be to keep the battle going on between his father and Lelouch for some reason.

Lelouch believes Suzaku betrayed him at their meeting. He explained, mostly in disingenuous terms, why he is Zero and why he killed Clovis and Euphemia. Lelouch states at the end that he will no longer be held back by sympathies even for Nunnally. Knight of One and Knight of Ten realize they're on their own because Tokyo's military bases just got struck down.

Even without the nuke, Lelouch is going to level most of Tokyo on his own to drag Nunnally out. Otherwise read as: He doesn't give half a shit about Japan, or destroying it. Guilford has been geass'd into believing that Lelouch is Cornelia and will therefore follow his commands without question.

Suzaku is starting to doubt Britannia, and him defecting from Britannia. Wakamoto is charging his lasers for the major pewpew. The spoilers from the Korean blog seem to have been all but verified. CC death confirmed, demon King Lelouch confirmed, OBK defecting confirmed.

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