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This episode confirmed pretty much all these spoilers will be and are true.
☆ Cornelia is captured at the Geass Cult by lelouch, but escapes to Schneizel.

☆ Ougi meets up with Viletta during the Union of Nations’s takeback of Japan, and begins to doubt Zero.

☆ Before Ougi betrays the Order, Diethard takes Viletta hostage and threatens Ougi to continue his job as a vice commandor. This is because Ougi is able to hold all these members of different characteristics together.

☆ The Union of Nations is made up of Chinese Federation and the remains of EU. The commandor is Xingke.

☆ In sasongugomu (no idea what this is), Asahina died in the nuke attack. His last words become the keywords that made the OotBK’s betray Zero.

☆ The Knights find out that Zero was a Britannian prince and think he was using them as playthings. Ougi leads the mutiny to kill Zero.

☆ C.C. loses her memory as C.C., and becomes an ordinary girl.

☆ Suzaku gets to know that Lelouch got his memories back. He confronts Lelouch, and when Lelocuh confesses that he is the reborn Zero, Schneizel, who had someone follow Suzaku, sends in forces to arrest Lelouch.

☆ The contents of Lelouch and Suzaku’s conversation are recorded, including his Geass that can command people. This becomes an important factor that led to the OotBK’s betrayal.

☆ Believing Suzaku had tricked him, Lelouch decides to go the path of the demon king.