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(00:56:58) apple: I thought the deli guy was gonna fuck her
(00:56:59) (lolsinging): BAD ACTING
(00:57:00) (Nabiki Asakura): 252
(00:57:02) (lolwat): Is strike witches episode 6 out yet
(00:57:02) System: (802654) logs into the Chat.
(00:57:05) (BkacTiger): jump lady jump
(00:57:05) System: Tanti logs into the Chat.
(00:57:06) (Girl Pants): 3 mins....
(00:57:07) Mikan: ben10 is good too
(00:57:08) System: ChiWEe has been logged out (Timeout).
(00:57:11) (Anon-kun): nani mai hunni
(00:57:14) System: Gibbo logs into the Chat.
(00:57:16) (BkacTiger): lol a monkey version of barney? :P
(00:57:17) (howisbabbyformed): BYE THEN (LONG LIVE LUCIANO)
(00:57:17) (Nabiki Asakura): ..monkey
(00:57:18) (bajs): FUCK
(00:57:20) (MetalR): =D
(00:57:22) (Sarah): seems like everyone here is waiting for code geass
(00:57:22) (Clovis): that's the creepiest monkey ever
(00:57:23) (Desu): GOLF.
(00:57:25) (Zero): Oh, does this stream show Strike Bitches too? Easily break 300 with that
(00:57:26) System: (LONG LIVE LUCIANO) has been logged out (Kicked).
(00:57:27) (derp): haaaaaaaai
(00:57:28) (Master Chief): 257.
(00:57:37) System: (Killer Oh) leaves the channel.
(00:57:38) System: sermihage has been logged out (Timeout).
(00:57:41) (reimucakes): #252 - Chikorita
(00:57:42) golflover: GOLF
(00:57:42) mezcal: they fuck on teh dvd extra features