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ITT: Code Geass R2 ep 17 predictions

Suzaku and Lelouch meet, but Nunnally isn't there. Suzaku demands an explanation about Euphemia's death. Lelouch explains what happened, but their conversation is recorded by someone that followed Suzaku.

Once Lelouch admits again he is Zero and that he was indirectly responsible for Euphie's death, Schneizel sends the boys in. Lelouch gets away and is convinced Suzaku betrayed him.

There will be a worthless scene with the moeblob CC. Something will foreshadow her fate. Back at OBK, the soldiers are freaking out that Zero is missing. There will be some worthless scene with Diethardt, Todoh, and Ohgi.

The battle starts. Britannia appears to have the upper hand until Lelouch comes back and puts the train plan in motion. Most of Britannia's ground forces are immediately disabled. They attempt to surrender, but Lelouch fires the Hadron cannons and kills all of them.

Gino buys Kallen time to escape, possibly at the cost of his life. He fights the Knight of Ten. Anya will defect after she gets de-geass'd by Orange. Avalon is forced to retreat under fire from Mordred and having lost most of their forces.

Suzaku is left behind because of how far out he is going after the OBK's main ship. The Lancelot gets absolutely destroyed by the Hax Guren once Kallen shows up. As he is about to be killed, Suzaku's live geass activates. The nuke's trajectory is knocked off course (the ship) by either Kallen or Todoh or Xing Ke's mecha. Lancelot falls in to the sea. The bomb detonates, Nunally is shown looking up. Cue to credits.

Preview for 18:

Bombed out Tokyo settlement is shown. Thousands are dead, many more thousands missing. Suzaku is shown with a batshit insane look on his face. Lelouch appears with his classic rape face. The events of the battle have led him to a single conclusion: Suzaku must die. Not be converted, not be dealt with, but simply be killed.