Gundam 00 review

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in one sentence :
one of the most humanism , witty , smart and enjoyable anime i have ever watched .

The Review

Story :
A continuation with boring opening , you must watch . Because of it's ideological things you should know before watching the continuation . After episode 5++ you will see lots of addictive excitement , how the politics go , how the celestial being's stories , civilian's love story , tragedies and insanities .
But , there's some reason why Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is something valuable , creative and unique :
1. The Middle East theme included in story
2. Having an Anno Domini timeline
3. Unpredictable
4. half-way movie directing(J-movies precisely)
5. A matched OP and ED , you'll love
6. Lots of Point of View
Seiji Misuzhima made this anime a more humanism and enjoyable not as a kids's cartoon but as a REAL science-fiction tv series .

Art/Picture :
Clean , tidy and total refreshment . They drew based on today's view and what will happen 3 centuries later . The Middle East picture is something not pretty and more to be a beautiful chaos . But ,surely , the lighting or the basic colour choosing is boring .

Score & soundtrack :
the score is WORST! Choosing , that voice , it's not even dramatic , it's so amateur , i think they should change the score person , if you want to make soap opera score , don't do it here . Btw , the volume of the score is terrible .