CLAMP crossover

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With all this Tsubasa crap destroying the hell out of the images of beloved characters, it makes me wonder. Couldn't CLAMP have made a crossover series just a bit bettter. Like, I don't know...Maybe, actually making someone original and not copied from one of your older series, because you want to beat the fuck out of people's memories of loveable characters. Maybe have the character on a quest to thwart some multiverse big bad by traveling through the dimensional planes and recruiting the many faces of the CLAMP universe, from titles like CCS, Rayearth, RG Veda, X, and everything else under the fucking sun. Even the obscure ones nobody knows dick about like the one with the red and blue tokusatsu looking dudes. Fuck, I don't even care if they can't fight the forces of evil, I want the novelty of the characters from Chobits, and Clamp School Detectives, and that one with the little girl and the bodyguard pedophile dude seeing this shit go down and wondering what the hell is going on. This is then followed everyone banding together and beating the fuck out of the enemy. Isn't that how crossovers fucking should be