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Code Geass. It had great potential, it could have been great, it could have been epic. But no, the bastards who made this, decided to throw away any originality out of the window, and decided "LOL U KNOW WAT GUISE, LET'S JUST MAKE ANOTHER DEATH NOTE, THAT SHIT WORKS WELL, DUNNIT?"

Now, It started well, a guy with a noble cause, leading a whole fucking rebellion from the shadows because he's a fucking genius and has his super-power, the Geass, while keeping a normal life as a cover story, he has some interesting super-power, and the chicks are pretty hot too, so plus points for eye-candy.

Then, all of a sudden, they start going downhill: first thing was the reason why he fought. Lelouche just wanted to exterminate the "bad people" so that he could create a better world for his sister. A bit like Kira and exterminating all the criminals of the world to create a new, and better world. I just thought that them japs are just a little similar in their thinking, so maybe they all have these kinds of ideas.

Then came C.C., to that I thought "Well, this sort of reminds me of Ryuuk now", but I dismissed that as yet another coincidence, and nothing more.

The third “This resembles Death Note a little too much” alarm was Suzaku appearing at the same school. Oh, oh, deadly rivals, but hey, while we're not fighting let's hang out together and lament the world's condition and goof out at school. This started reminding me of Kira and L, they were at war with each other, but they pretended like they were working together, or well, in the begging at least. Huh, third coincidence? This is starting to get pretty annoying.

As fourth part we have the willing female accomplice, who will do anything she can to help the “hero”. In C.G. we had Karen, who would obey Zero whatever it was that he was ordering her to do. In Death Note we had Misa, who would do anything for Kira, and really, anything. These “coincidences” are getting too common.