YKK + Aria = Nerd escapism

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Everytime I criticize these highly mediocre pieces of fiction I get tons of 0/10 ratings and sages, plus the unavoidable excuses that the slice of life genre is supposed to be this slow.

I've read tons of books, manga and watched many movies and shows in the slice of life genre. None of them were as slow as Aria and YKK will ever be. A normal human being with a decent social life can never enjoy fictional works made out of small talk, no depth, no emotions and no fucking plot.

I could live with the fact that there's no plot, but seriously, why would I read a chit-chat manga when I can call my friends and do it myself, only with decent and funny dialogs instead of this crap?

Aria and YKK = Dune = Lord of The Rings = Nerd escapism.