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Today, a group of politicians announced a bill called the Anime Rating Enforcement Act or AREA. Here is their statement.

"We have been hearing complaints from certain parent groups about the contents of this phenomenon know as Japanese animation and manga, and I can't believe that fellow Americans are watching and reading this material without anyway to protect our children from any harmful material.

I have researched the rating system that the companies use when they release a title of a series and I fell it isn't work, that they just slap it on so they can sell it for a profit and not look back. So I am introducing the Anime Rating Enforcement Act.

This bill will allow us to tighten laws for selling such content to minors, and allow us to make a rating system which will be more accurate and keeping violent and crude content away from little eyes.

We will make sure that any anime or manga which will be considered unfit for anyone but adults will only be sold in adult stores and it will allow us and the FCC the ability to check and ban anime that is currently or might be running on local and cable stations with inappropriate content."