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So before 4chan was attacked by internet tough guys, there was once more an epic debate between those who love Bure and those who love Rumba.

Things simmered down when one anon suggested a pairing and how their relationships would work out. Then we just started making a pairing. I wrote and short, but awful story involving rape between Bure and Rumba, but 4chan went down for like 9000 years and the story got gradually longer and this is the finished product.

Bure was not quite four feet tall, a little short for OPs her age, shoulder length jet brown hair with pink bows in it, and her smile is almost disarming, even to me! Lowering the setting 15,000 volts, I step away from the door, and getting ready for her, I cough loudly. "Bure? Bure, bure?" she calls in a suddenly frightened voice. I hear her scuffling around to get up and can feel the pit pat of her feet vibrate across the floor as she quickly comes to the door.