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Two retarded things -

Tonight at the Chinese food place we ate at they played "Row Row Fight the Power" or whatever that TTGL rap song is called over the speakers. I swear to God, not joking. There was also some horrible techno and other stuff, I imagine they had an iPod hooked up or something. I started giggling, but didn't tell my buddies what about because I'm not a faggot. It was slightly awesome in retrospect though.

Then on the way home (by myself) I stopped by Borders. Looked in the manga section for a minute and picked up the Hidamari (Sunshine) Sketch volume. By the way, are there scans of this? I didn't buy it. Anyway, a high school-aged looking girl came up to me and said, I shit you not, "does your nutbladder hurt?" Not joking or trolling. I was seriously asked this. I said, "uh...yeah...", or something, wanting her to go away. She asked if I browsed 4chan and I said "not really too much", then acted like I was really involved in reading and she walked off.

In before "not your blog" - it's /a/ related. If not then ITT discuss TTGL, Hidamari Sketch manga, and /a/ occurences on the outside.