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There once was a young man who had a promising future.

The center back position was his to keep and no one could take that away from him. Any play was a fair play, nobody blew the whistle on him. Everybody loved him. Not to mention his campus sweetheart... oh, she was something. They were the perfect couple. He graduated from Columbia with an MBA. His opportunity was infinite. He could do whatever he wanted with his life, but was he satisfied?

No. Every night he would cry, begging the Lord.

Something deep within needed awakening. Then one day it happened, that moment where the subconscious rises to the surface. Well the way it triggered was very simple. It happened when his mother came onto him one night. As if the spirit of Jack the Ripper had taken over his body, he stabbed and stabbed until you couldn't tell who she was.

You know what I think? An angel whispered into his ear. The angel gave him the extra courage he needed to give her the divine retribution she deserved.