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politics politics continued from >>yesterday

[spoilers] after the end of E7 things were good, they began to learn new means of energy usage and they were overall prosperous; but then then the people who had the coralian dna in them slowly started to awaken as xam'd, the human portion was overtaken and the corealian (Haruko) went beserk trying to fill the emptiness left by taking human souls. The emptyness feeling is caused by the fact that the main portion of the coralians are no longer there and the ones that are still there are sleeping. Needless to say these Xam'd started a war, one side felt like these creatures were gods sent by the heavens(north) and the other just felt that they were a nuisance(south). The north wanted to capture them while the south wanted to destroy them, this led to a revolution which ended with the king Hideo Novak dieing and from there the all out war broke for Xam'd. Eventually the North was developed means to fight Xam'ds as human forms,believing that they would become a xam'd if they killed one, while the south developed a weapon which would turn the blood of a xam'd to turn to stone and die.

The Xam'd were defeated and those who were able to form a true symbiosis with there haruku went into hiding.

both sides suffered heavy loses and agreed on a treaty and teh area they could not decide on became a neutral zone, records of xam'd were kept away from the public to avoid those who had the haruko in them from awakening it.

heaven or hell