Code Geass V Strike Witches

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I am sick and tired of all you people saging Strike Witches thread and then go on to praise how much better and superior Code Geass is Their key argument seems to stem from two points of attack. First is that Strike Witches has no plot and second that it is overloaded with fan service. Now let's look at Code Geass, and it's nonsensical plot, one min Lelouch is the leader of a ragtag band of rebels then he takes control of half the world and it all happened in a matter of mins, things just seem to happen out of nowhere like Orange switching sides, Mao comes back to life for no reason only to be killed again the list goes on. On to point number two, fan service, surly Code Geass is gulity of saturating itself with fan service just look at those school episodes and whatver random event they are having that day, dressing up as cat people, cupid day whatever. The only thing about Code Geass is that it tries to take itself seriously at the same time and tries to be serious and all melo-drama, whereas Strike Witches knows what it's all about and doesn't try to mask it at all, and the story flows well surprisingly. What I am trying to say is that Code Geass is no better then Strike Witches so stop trying to make it out to be god's gift to man!