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It's a simple invitation.
This Sunday, turn off the monitor, leave the laptop home, and go to the nearest coffee shop you might enjoy. If you can't find one, or there are only Starbucks around, you can stay at home, preferably a backyard or wherever you can get some sun.

There, enjoy a cup of coffee, or tea if you prefer. Smile at the cashier and random people around. Look to the sky and feel the sun in your face. Think of how happy you can be without any worries.

It's just a few hours off the usual routine. It might not change your outlook in life, but it could make you a kinder, more civil anonymous. Take life easier, slower, not caring so much over what is merely internet nonsense.

So, I expect to share a cup of coffee with you anonymous, or the few that do so every week. We might be apart, but you can think of your fellows across the world, as you take every sip. It's hard to troll when you care about the persons in the other side of the monitor.