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hard modo time, ITT only pics acceptable on the Christian Anime Alliance site
Rule, copied from there

- No nudity, period.
- If it a bikini/men's trunks cover it, it must be covered.
- This is a little harder to judge, but nothing excessively clingy or detailed.
- No clothes slipping off--bra straps, spaghetti straps, etc.
- No undergarments. No, swimsuits don't count for this rule.
- No openly suggestive or seductive poses.
- No overly-endowed women as far as it can be helped.
- If you're posting a pic of your favorite bishie, make sure his pants are zipped/buttoned.
- For pics of couples, their hands should not be found anywhere inappropriate.
- Speaking of couples, absolutely NO pictures promoting homosexual couples.

And no
Neon Genesis Evangelion
End of Evangelion
Evangelion: Death and Rebirth
Angel Sanctuary
Bible Black
Yami No Matsuei
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Any hentai titles whatosever, no exceptions!