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What tier of weeaboo are you?

Pre-Weeaboo Prelimary stage: Has seen Cowboy Bebop, wants to see more anime. Asks in /a/.

Weeaboo Tier 1: Has seen a few anime, and read a manga.

Weeaboo Tier 2: Has seen a couple of dozen anime, read a few manga and knows a few Japanese words.

Weeaboo Tier 3: Has watched 247 anime fully and read even more manga. Knows basic Japanese. Has a yearning to go to Japan.

Weeaboo Tier 4: Still watches anime and reads manga, but is starting to graduate towards J-Dramas, knows all the former and current members of Morning Musume, is taking night courses/self studying Japanese, has reached a proficient level. Has been to Japan several times.

Weeaboo Tier 5: Starts to branch outside of entertainment into other areas of Japanese culture (gardening, history, art, architecture etc.)

Weeaboo Tier 6: Is actually Japanese.